Case Study - Procter & Gamble.

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A virtual room using our exclusive 6DOF software for education on P&G new razor.

The Idea. 

Procter and Gamble wanted to created an experience so that they could use to educate internal staff and use for trade shows to showcase their new razor. They wanted a unique and engaging experience that would also be factual and informative.

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  The Creation.

To create a unique experience we developed our own 6DOF software this meant that the user will be in an virtual room. The razor will be on a giant scale and the user will be able to move throughout the room looking at the razor on a plinth. The razor will then explode and facts and key information will become available to view. This was completely computer generated from the ground up.

 The Result.

The result of this was very positive as P&G were extremely happy with the finished product. They found that it was very effective as a educational tool as the employees really enjoyed using the experience. As well as the amount of engagement they had at trades shows to potential customers.   


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