Case Study - GSK.

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GSK insider tour of one of their factories to provide some insight into the reliability and measures taken to insure products consistency. 

The Idea. 

Wanted to showcase the reliability that customers desire and what measures they take to provide this throughout each key process of the making and distribution of their products. Therefore the idea was to have a virtual tour of their facility where each stage of the manufacturing process is shown and at each stage a key fact is presented on the screen. In collaboration with A New Beast

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  The Creation.

The creation happened just as planned in the idea. 360 degree videos were taken all throughout the factory showing each individual stage of how the product is made. Clean cut text was placed subtly over the images giving some information about that stage.  

 The Result.

Both GSK and ourselves were extremely pleased with the outcome of this project as it allowed them to have a platform to express their information they wanted to share with their customers. Also we found this to be a much more effective throughout all aspects compared to if they were to have an in person guided tour as this would be time consuming and every person would have to go through health and safety procedures and there is a chance of contamination.


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