Case Study - Hilton.



A bespoke AR experience to showcase the new rooms by Hampton by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn in collaboration with CampaignWorks. 

The Idea. 

Hampton by Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn wanted to create an AR experience for their new rooms at their events in Dubai, Netherlands, Jordan and London. One of the incentives into why they want to do this was that it is too expensive transport furniture and to a location, furthermore they did not have any rooms built. 

hilton photo for website 1.png
hilton photo for websute.png

  The Creation.

To have temporary rooms with no furniture, just the floor layout. The tablets were strategically places around the rooms. The user would pick up a tablet and scan the image in front of them. They will then be able to look around the virtual rooms. By clicking on the little icons the user can find out more key information about the different futures the room has to offer. 

 The Result.

The result of this was very successful as there was over 5000 users that underwent the experience throughout the events. Both the client and yourselves were impressed by the amount of engagement and the success of this campaign. We believe this to be a much more efficient way to showcase the rooms as the actual rooms were not yet built. Also this saved the campaign money as it was a much more cost effective way of showcasing the rooms.   


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