How we started.

A passion for innovation in immersive technology.  


Founders of VRCraftworks, Peter and Jack were experimenting with immersive technology for years before it became a talking point in mainstream media. Their interest began when they became a part of a small online community with the likes of "parmtech" (Palmer Luckey - Founder of Oculus) and other leading figures in the field. The online community along with Peter and Jack initially wanted to buy the first VR headset from "parmtech" until a kickstarter created Oculus, now one of the top selling providers of VR headsets. From the developments in hardware Peter and Jack decided to dive in, creating VRCraftworks and haven't looked back since. 


The first application the father and son duo created, Orbulus, became a hit. Orbulus was published as one of the 'Top Ten' VR apps to download. With this interest grew, with the likes of Google wanting to include our app in the launch of the Google Cardboard headset. Since then VRCraftworks has grown and so have the projects. With Peter's skills in running businesses and Jack's marketing and sales, plus the passion of immersive technology, the company blossomed.



Our Mission.

How we work.

To make immersive a meaningful medium. To breathe life into your immersive experience.

We work with you from start to finish, using the latest technology to drive strategy, creativity and distribution for your benefit.



Say Hello to the team.


We have a wide range of skills through out the team

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Jack Maddalena

Sales & Community Manager

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Nick Slack

Head of Development

Peter Maddalena

Managing Director


Leighton Evans

Head of R&D

Michael Danks

Head of 360-degrees


Nick Wood

Project Manager

Hamish Page


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Head of Happiness