Immersive Technology in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction community.

Design thoughts whilst using the hololens....Design thoughts whilst using the hololens....

At VRCraftworks it is always exciting to see the positive take up in the use of immersive technologies. In this case it's in one of the key sectors of the economy - the built and engineering environments. It is a clear indication that immersive technologies have arrived when the leading global publication for this sector - World Architecture News (WAN) invests in recognising the growing importance of these new immersive technologies in not one, but two ways.

First there is a new, prestigious global WAN industry award for use of immersive technologies. This is a substantial thumbs up for the use of immersive technologies as WAN curates and manages the worlds largest and best international architectural awards program.

Winning one of these awards is hugely significant as WAN is the main source of architectural industry news on the web and the focal point for the global community. In numbers, WAN has over 140,000 members worldwide, 2 million web visits per month and over 800,000 individual web visitors a year giving massive industry coverage for award winners.


The new award is for the "BEST USE OF IMMERSIVE TECH" and is aimed at giving recognition to the best application of immersive technologies in real life projects and proposals within the architecture, engineering and construction communities.

Endorsement of the WAN panel will lead to global recognition of your work marking your business as a real leader in the adoption and use of these new technologies. Click here to apply.

The second is the establishment of what is hoped will become the key Immersive Technology forum for businesses using immersive technologies specifically within the Built Environment sector. Called the IMBE (Immersive Technology in the Built Environment) the first event is on the 29th of June at Sadler's Wells London.


With a leaning towards actual use cases within the industry, speakers are focused on how these technologies have been deployed and used within real businesses. This will be a great opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas and learn new ways that immersive technologies are actually being harnessed. Click here to find out more.

We are looking forward to sharing the winning projects and learnings from both these events with you. In the meantime please feel free to share this with people who you feel will be interested or who may want to take part.

Jack Maddalena