Finally VR is accessible to all.

We are super proud to launch our latest VR solution. This will transform brands ability to offer a high-quality experience via smartphone (needs no other hardware), AND that provides 6 degrees of freedom.


For some time, brands have wanted to engage customers with a high-quality VR experience, but consumer access to required hardware is limited (content distribution). 


To bridge the gap, we have created software that uses a smartphone and its camera to deliver a high-quality immersive VR experience. The 6 degrees of freedom is vital to allow freedom of movement in a 3-dimensional space. Previously, mobile VR only allowed you to look around from a 360-degrees fixed stationary point. 


Via a branded app consumers can engage with brands in an exciting and engaging way from their home, office, in-store anywhere. 


Interest has been remarkable. If you want to know more, get in touch or 


Watch a 1-minute demo here:

Jack Maddalena