VRCraftworks captures Blood Brother’s SS18 “Logged-In” collection in 360 degrees.


British menswear label Blood Brother invited immersive technology company VRCraftworks to the photoshoot of their SS18 lookbook, in order to capture 360-degree content. Blood Brother fans can now feel part of the shoot team, by capturing the event from every direction, the viewer can take in every detail, as though they were there themselves. This experience was really apt for a collection titled “Login” and gives us a completely new way to experience a traditional photographic lookbook.

The 360 content can be viewed via any device, be that on desktop, mobile or through a VR headset for a more immersive experience.

View the 360 content captured at the Blood Brother photo-shoot here.

“This technology offers designers the ability to provide their customers a moment to enter their world and to tell their story. With the 360 lookbook they can share a behind-the-scenes experience, a fly-on-the wall moment that is usually completely inaccessible to those outside the industry,” says Lisa Chatterton, Business Manager at the Fashion Innovation Agency.

“People love to look behind the scenes. It could be their favourite, film, TV show, brand and in this case a fashion brand, to find out more about them… so why not put those people in the shoot so they feel they are actually there? To make them feel like they are part of the crew and the shoot itself? VR and 360-degrees photos allow this to happen in a unique way that no other medium can achieve, and yet still be able to distribute to the masses.” Jack Maddalena, Sales & Community Manager, VRCraftworks.

“This technology is a great way to allow our users an insight into our usually intimate seasonal campaign shoots. I can see how this type of tech will go much further with time in the fashion sector, possible enabling users the opportunity to experience clothing and usually exclusive scenarios first hand through 360 in what could completely change the landscape of how we shop and do business.” Nick Biela, Creative Director, Blood Brother.

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Jack Maddalena