The Brief


A US client was launching a new shoes range for kids. They wanted a to create a fun and interactive way for them to get excited plus interact with the brand on social media to create a buzz that would increase sales.



The Problem


We had to come up with a way to get very young users excited about a map based game via our VR app. Once engaged with the game, the client wanted children to track their 'journey'. Secondly we needed them to interact with the clients social media.



The Solution


We created a feature within the VR app that that allows the users to take a photo within the VR experience. This picture was saved to the users camera roll, for them to enter into a competition to win prizes. The user had to upload the image and @ and # the clients social accounts.



The Result


A great VR app that allows the client to interact with their customer base in a new and exciting way, whilst attracting new potential customers.


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