Case Study - Orbulus.

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Orbulus "Top Ten" VR apps to download for mobile. 




The Idea. 

Orbulus was the first application we created. The goal of Orbulus was to develop an app that exhibited a number of our key skills. Including how to manage a user within a VR experience, how to simplify the user interface in VR and to gain crucial analytics to understand how a user interacts in a VR environment. We wanted to do something that captured the essence of VR to 'teleport someone around the world'.

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The Creation.

Before Orbulus, VR lacked an industry standard user interface. This was due to a lack of real user research and development. We had to start from the beginning. At that moment the trend was to use a controller to navigate through the experience. We felt this experience needed to be simplified. The use of a controller made VR less accessible to those unfamiliar with gaming controllers and therefore a flaw in the UX was identified. 

To make VR more accessible to the general public we devised a way of allowing the user to control the experience without any accessories. This was done by changing the way users 'clicked'. Instead of using their fingers, they could gaze over an option, and when highlighted for an extended period of time, would take the user to the requested destination.




The Result.

Half a million downloads.

Launch partner with Google for the 'Google Cardboard'.

Voted one of the Top Ten Virtual Reality apps to download by multiple international publishers.

Invaluable insights into how users interact with VR.

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