Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) on a smartphone for VR.

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What Is 6DoF?

Your body is free to move forward/ backwards, up/down, left/ right combined with rotation about three perpendicular axes, often termed pitch, yaw, and roll.

What’s New?

Past mobile VR experiences only allowed you to look around (360-degrees) from a fixed stationary point. 6DoF allows someone to walk around in VR like the high-end headsets. Furthermore, giving you the ability to view an item like you would in reality. All on a smartphone!





Brands have wanted to engage customers with a high-quality VR experience, but consumer access to required hardware is limited (content distribution). 

To bridge the gap, we have created software that uses a smartphone and its camera to deliver a high-quality immersive VR experience.

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What Can This Do For A Brand?

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To showcase clothes at a 1-1 scale for a user to look around, as well get inspired like you would in a shop.


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To showcase a car at a 1-1 scale for a user to look around.


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