Case Study - Quark Expeditions.

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Quark Expeditions. A 360° VR Antarctic Experience transports you to the 7th continent.





The Idea. 

To create an exciting customer experience as part of the sales process. Giving the potential traveller incredible insight of the possibilities of the Polar adventure through a unique VR format. 

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The Creation.

Initially the client wanted 360 degree video, but the limitation of bandwidth and the considerable file size of the content, limited distribution capabilities and therefore significantly reduced the customer market.

We embedded the 360 degree video within the application. Using an innovative video compression technique, we deployed the 10G video within the application as a 1.25G file. This allowed for the highest good quality distribution. 





The Result.

Launched at a major travel show, the application allowed potential resellers and customers an unique method to engage with premium customers. Due to the exceptional nature of the £15,000 holiday, our VR application offered a new level of understanding about this incredible trip.


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