Ideas for Inspiration

{This Technology Has MANY Applications}

A 30 Min Video/Phone Call Could Be The Difference Between Limited or Unlimited, Exponential Brand Growth! 




{Customer Experience}


{Aviation & Piloting}


{Air Traffic Control Operators}

{VR 360-Degree Airplane Tour}

{Customer Experience}

{Customer Experience}


{Flight Attendants}



{Airport Lounge AR App}


Automotive, Engineering & Maintenance 

{Car/Mechanical Engineers}

{Motorbike Heads-Up Display}





{AR Banking App}

{VR Banking App}


Business, Brand & Print Companies

{AR Business Card}

{AR Magazine}


Educational & Medical 

{JigSpace - Learn in 3D}

{Figment AR App}


Fashion, Retail & Shopping

{Object Recognition}


{Ted Baker’s Shoppable 360 Ad}

{AR Product View}


Broadcasting, Film, Music, Sport & Television

{FC Bayern’s AR App for Fans}


{AR Pool Table Projector"}


{TV Presenters / Broadcasting}


Architecture, Interior Design, Real Estate & Trading 

{AR/Holographic Trading Floors}

{Real Estate Ecosystem}




Catering, Drink & Food

{Restaurant AR Menu}

{Catering AR Menu}

{AR Can App - Soft Drink}

{AR Talking Wine Bottles}

Chris Rivers

I took a stab at bringing this Orioles branded beer can to life. Working with so many clients in the food/beverage and sports industries, I decided to do some experimenting with product augmentation....

{AR Repair App for Retail or Food/Beverage Services}



{iRobot-like VR Game}

{360 Degree AR Gun Game}

{VR Slide - Game/Discovery Days}

{Facebook’s Messenger App: AR Games}

{iOS AR Apps & Games}

{Samsung & Nasa’s Moon Landing VR}


Tourism & Navigation 

{AR City Model}

{AR City Map}



{VR Avatar Robot}

{Mirror - Business & Leisure}