The Making Of AUDIBLE




How We Did It

Using a representative target on the newspapers’ supplement, users could view and listen to a library of audiobook samples, with options to then sign-up.

We created the AR experience within ZapWorks and used Shazam as our AR platform for distribution. The Shazam mobile app has over 150 million active user per month, with each Guardian issue having on average 1.03 million readers.




What We Did

We teamed up with Guardian Labs to deliver one of the most accessible AR features yet. An augmented-reality sample library emerging from the newspaper. 

Users who signed up received a 30-day trial allowing them to download their first audiobook for free - with over 200,000 titles for users to view.






Why We Did It

Audible's challenge was the lack of product awareness and consumer resistance to trying an audiobook . We provided an exciting immersive experience to promote audiobooks, encouraging readers to sample them and experience the benefits of audiobooks. 

The AR feature projected an audiobook-sample library for users to browse through and download, with the in-app ability to sign-up and download the audiobook they had just sampled.



How It Helped

In the issue published on Saturday 21st July (2018), an Audible insert could be found by readers of the newspaper. News articles, literary reviews, and key concepts to how audiobooks are beneficial were also included inside, alongside libraries of audiobooks to be discovered and explored.

This not only boosts interest and awareness of Audible, but provided even non-readers with a user-friendly platform to access samples of books that they may never have discovered otherwise.

The conversion rates from books to audiobooks should also look to rise, with the benefits of audiobooks outlined within the insert.

Ben Dicker