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We build Virtual Reality Apps for business. Based in Brighton, England.

We have been working in Virtual Reality since the first Oculus Rift headset in 2014 and our mobile apps are often rated in the "Top Ten" VR experiences for mobile devices by top global publications including The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and The Business Insider to mention just three! We breathe life to your Virtual Reality ideas. We understand that for your organisation Virtual Reality is experimental and can advise how high quality, customer focused Virtual Reality apps can be produced with even modest budgets of between £5,000 and £10,000. Check out the Portfolio page to know more about our work and if you like what you see contact us today.

Selected Work

Make use of our unique VR knowledge gained from over 20 VR Apps and 500,000 users

We want your VR project to be as successful as possible by applying the best of our three years commercial Virtual Reality experience covering 360 photos and videos, tours and exhibitions, multiuser and multilingual solutions on both Android and Apple phones.
Leadership Team

We are passionate about VR - Virtual Reality

and believe that Virtual Reality will be as big a revolution as mobile phones and the internet have been. With VR, success is all about successfully managing the user experience so that nothing stands in the away of conveying the client message as well as fully engaging the user. Our three years specific knowledge of developing and delivering superb Virtual Reality experiences underpins our ability to deliver your project.
Peter MaddalenaDirector

Peter Maddalena


Having been involved in stereoscopic 3d since the 1990’s the opportunity to be part of this Virtual Reality revolution was just too enticing and VRCraftworks was born in 2014.

Jack MaddalenaSales and Community Manager

Jack Maddalena

Sales and Community Manager

Your first point of contact at the VRCraftworks family. Not only will Jack welcome your sales, technical or support inquiry but he will also promote your application to the world.

Social Media Guru.


Nicholas WoodClient Delivery Director

Nicholas Wood

Client Delivery Director

Nick has seen more than most in Virtual Reality having been involved in world simulations for much of his career. His early days involved the only VR of that time – flight simulators and over recent years he has focused on getting clients the best out of their VR ideas.

Simply put he is the go to man if you want a project delivered on time, on budget with no heartache or headaches.


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We are happy to give advice and assistance to help formulate your ideas into a real life VR project. With 20+ commercial VR projects completed over the last three years we probably have encountered the issues and road blocks you may be facing. Often we have a demo of similar work that will help formulate your ideas and show what is really possible.

We are here to help.

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