VR Drop and Share

“We brought VR Drop and Share to market as a way to bring VR to as many people as possible.  It has a number of unique features combining multi user gaming and Voice Over IP to allow users to fully interact in their own VR spaces.”

VR DROP AND SHARE is the ideal tool for use in multiple markets. Estate agents can now show and sell a prospective buyer a property without anyone having to leave their home or office. Individuals could conduct remote viewings of possible universities, wedding venues, yachts and sports arenas or even to research their next potential holiday destination.

It is now easy to integrate clients advertising and marketing campaigns with VR to best engage and evoke powerful emotions from consumers. Journalists can bring stories to life and teachers can captivate students within the classroom. Geographically remote friends and family can relive special moments such as birthdays and celebrations. The applications for social VR are endless.

- Peter Maddalena, Director

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